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Biochar taster sessions

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Using biochar in your garden has many remarkable benefits including; improved plant health, increased yields, improved soil structure & water regulation as well as reducing the impact of droughts & floods. Made from waste ligneous (woody) material, learn to make biochar and you’ll be transforming your garden waste into rich, fertile soils.

During this taster session you will get hands on learning with our team, helping to create biochar from start to finish from digging kiln pits to when to douse. This is our introductory session, great for those who are new to biochar production.

For those interested in kiln design & the many applications of biochar we will be adding an extended course, please register your interest at the form below.

£35 per person

10am – 3/4pm

Weather dependant

Courses coming soon:

Clay Oven Building


Action packed, squishy, squelchy, hands on introduction to cob building.

By end of the day you’ll be confident creating your own cob mixes, applying them to formwork and finally firing your very own pizza oven at home

Understanding soils


Learn how to create and maintain healthy soils in a “ground up” approach.

Leave with the confidence to create healthy compost from whatever resources you have available.

A complete novice to the experienced gardener can discover a different approach: Don’t care for the plant, care for the soil and your plants will thrive!

Introduction to Permaculture


Introduces the permaculture design process.

Permaculture mimics nature, creating systems which build more than they destroy.

These tools and techniques can be applied to any system or aspect of your life.

Learn to not just sustain but to thrive.

Willow Weaving


Learn to plant and weave willow into lush living structures.


Learn “the universal weave” as well as how to care and maintain your willow structure for the best results.


By the end of the day you’ll be confident creating your own flourishing willow structures.


Biochar, the miracle soil improver 

Using biochar in your garden has many remarkable benefits including;improved plant health, increased yields, improved soil structure & water regulation, reduces flooding & drought impact.

By the end of the day you’ll be designing your own kiln, producing and incorporating biochar into different composting systems, improving your garden health & actively helping to reverse climate change by burying inert carbon.


I want to grow!

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Dominic Parette

Dominic is a Sussex based basketmaker, willow grower & teacher specialising in traditional frame baskets, organically woven willow forms & beautiful strong plant supports. 

Committed to sustainable woodland management, Dominic makes woven products for small gardens & allotments as well as taking on commissions for clients such as The National Trust & Kew at Wakehurst

TJ Harrington

Before arriving at Furnace Brook, TJ worked growing and selling organic herb, vegetable and flower seedlings at the Auckland farmers markets.

A student of Kay Baxter (co-founder of The Koanga Institute, New Zealand), TJ holds a PDC and spent 6 years practising permaculture and regenerative, organic agriculture in urban gardens across Wellington and Auckland